By Roy Snell

I have been ranting endlessly that ESG is more than an annual report.  I have said repeatedly that we have to go past all the screaming about environmental, social and governance issues to actually doing something to improve our ESG metrics in our organizations. And then, as John Madden would say, “Boom… I found it!”

I have been on ESG panels at major conferences and talked endlessly about ESG to ESG experts in the hallways during conferences.  We often seem to be talking past each other. I have read articles, blogs, etc, and I have watched ESG video presentations. In all these experiences, I have never heard an ESG program explained from beginning to end.

A few moments ago, I ended a Zoom call with Steve Alienello, a GRI certified innovation expert, and had an epiphany. On that call, I saw my first demo for Osprey’s ESGManager™ software.  This is software that an ESG Program leader would use to create their specific ESG model, based on ESG issues material to their company, monitor the supporting metrics, work with accountable parties to improve the metrics throughout the year, and then create an annual ESG Report.  Never before have I seen a better explanation about what an ESG program is. In addition, this process positions the ESG Program lead for success in subsequent reporting cycles instead of restarting the whole process each year.

Software folks are amongst the best folks to describe a process.  They do it for a living.  You can’t skip over things in software development.  Software has to be complete to work.  ESG presentations can occasionally include unnecessary steps, meandering, and information that is not critical.  Conversely, software developers focus endlessly on optimizing the software to exclusively deliver business outcomes effectively.  When you have a new profession or industry, like ESG, software innovators are amongst the first people to study the whole process and then describe it efficiently with a beginning, middle, and end. I studied software development in college and worked in the industry for a few years.  I’m telling you… these people are the best at explaining how things work.

If you get a demo, I would ask for the extended version.  The additional detail would be well worth it.  I would stop the presentation when it has gone too fast and ask to have something repeated or ask for more detail.  Ask why something is important if it’s not self-evident.  I could not be more excited.  This is what I have been looking for since I got into ESG.

You should consider getting a demonstration of the ESG software from Osprey ESG Software.  If it worked for you like it worked for me, I would consider having others in your organization see the demonstration.  If you have people who can’t see what you are trying to get across when you describe ESG, there is no better way to get them on board than a software demo.  Granted, a one or two hour demo is a lot of time, but trying to explain ESG to leadership in a piecemeal manner takes longer and is not effective, in my humble opinion.  I would give it a try and then decide for yourself.

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