So today I went fishing for ESG post ideas on Twitter and as is often the case… I hit the jackpot in seconds. The first thing that showed up on my ESG search was a video by Glenn Beck, of all people, talking about ESG and conspiracy theories.  For those of you who do not know, Glen is an extreme political commentator who is a God-like figure to some and a cretin to others. In other words, he is a typical political commentator. I would have loved to comment on his ESG conspiracy theory video but I could not figure out what he was saying. I would love nothing more than to correct his politically biased ill-informed ideas about ESG, but alas I cannot figure out what they are. Just to be clear, it is my opinion, that both major political parties in the US are intentionally and unintentionally attempting to ruin ESG. As a result, I am not on speaking terms with either party, not that they know it… or care.

The good news is everyone with a microphone is talking about ESG. However, the old axiom that any press is good press does not seem to apply to ESG. These Johnny Come Lately ESG commentators have no clue how a company can inexpensively and significantly improve their environmental, social, and governance acumen to help make their organizations and maybe the world a better place. Both major US parties look at ESG from a political standpoint because they have Political Derangement Syndrome (PDS). They see ESG through a political lens so thick they can’t see straight. Facts and the truth are manipulated or ignored. They are for ESG if their political party talking points say to be for it and they are against ESG if their political party talking points say to be against it.  They repeat talking points that do not come from ESG Officers who are working in the trenches and as a result the talking points are not accurate or truthful. One political group wants to throw out ESG altogether and the other wants to leverage ESG to accomplish political and social ideology that has nothing to do with ESG. One side only mentions (and exaggerates) failed environmental ideas. They say ESG will bankrupt the world.  They will not admit there is a single inexpensive simple thing that a company can do from an environmental, social, or governance standpoint to improve.  The other side delegated ESG to their extremists (activists) who are trying to leverage ESG to get company leadership to support a political and social ideology that is unrelated to ESG.  They want CEOs to pick sides politically, socially, and from a governance perspective. Actually, they want CEOs to pick their side. It’s pure and simple… ESG is one of the casualties of PDS and I can’t wait for these folks to recover from PDS so we can get back to making the world a better place.

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