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Osprey’s ESG QuickStart™ is a customizable, cost-effective ESG methodology with the flexibility to accommodate your ESG vision and needs. It enables your organization to construct an ESG Program by leveraging a four stage strategy to define objectives, customize activities, and deliver key results.

Just venturing into ESG sustainability? We can help you understand your position in the ESG Landscape by reviewing standards most applicable to your industry, business, and company culture.

Are you more advanced in your ESG journey? We can take your program to the next level and help construct a customized framework and implementation plan so you can report on the financial and impact materiality topics you have started identifying.


The Quickstart™ 4 Stage ESG Program

ESG Landscape Assessment

Determine the scope of ESG materiality topics for your organization

  • Engage your team in working sessions to define and review ESG topics, and their relevance to financial and impact materiality.
  • Review industry-specific SASB materiality map and other non-SASB standards to understand applicability to your business sustainability topics and corporate culture.
  • Assess current ESG reporting on your company, peer performance, and existing internal ESG initiatives.

Framework Construction

Drive organizational buy-in on the proposed ESG program, process and framework.

  • Leverage SASB standards (materiality map), and other non-SASB standards to define disclosure metrics.
  • Identify and document operational areas of responsibility, topic and metric owners, and data sources (including third party sources).
  • Deliver findings and an ESG program recommendation to senior management.
Quickstart rubric


Deploy your organizational sustainability priorities via your ESG framework, and plan future ESG initiatives.

  • Develop an ESG messaging strategy that includes integrating into internal communications, website updates with ESG program information, and communication to key stakeholders.
  • Socialize the ESG Program to all stakeholders and integrate the ESG framework into existing processes and practices.
  • Build a program Road Map taking into consideration a communication plan, video messaging, ongoing employee engagement, ESG website with metrics, downloadable ESG fact sheet, and other stakeholder interests.


Report your ESG results to shareholders, investors, creditors and other key stakeholders

  • Decide where to disclose (Annual Report, 8-K, 10-K Filings, separate ESG focused report, web based)
  • Determine what content to disclose (metrics, modifications, omissions, qualifiers)
  • Assess how to disclose to your stakeholders (costs, presentation, investor expectations)

ESG QuickStart™ Program Key Results

After using the ESG QuickStart™ program you will have …..

  • Agreed on a working list of ESG materiality topics and a functional framework with standards
  • Established organizational buy-in and communicated your ESG program to key stakeholders
  • Deployed your ESG program and started telling your ESG story to investors, creditors, and other stakeholders
  • Positioned yourself for the ever-evolving ESG Landscape
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